b'by Tulani Watkins TulaniWatkins2020 was a year of exhaustion, but for the doers andMany entrepreneurs of color have humble beginnings dreamers it was a year of infusing energy into newand Dennis is no exception. He was raised by a single-opportunities, and that is exactly what Dennis Dortch,mother who remarried a military man, making Dennis the CEO, Co-Founder, and Creator of Black and Sexyanomadfromtheyoungageoftentoeighteen.He TVisdoing.Hesaysitashemeansit,eitheryouproudly professes his love for music as a part of his move with him or watch him make moves.My name,upbringing.Originally,hethoughthewouldrunhis Tulani,isSouth-East African.IamfromCompton,own label, produce music, and become a rapper, paving raised in a home with Black History lessons, includingthewayforayoungerGemini-twinofhis,publicly but not limited to Halloween costumes and celebratingknown as Kanye West. Dennis stated they both are a Kwanzaa, so as you could imagine I was ready forlittle bit of an a*shole and a little think you know DennisspassiononpushingtheBlackNarrative.everything. Dennis is a true testament to the work ethic When he stated - I strive in adverse conditions - Iof the executive that has pushed through and sustained a knewthatthiswouldbeaconversationthatwouldbusiness in a world of multiple streaming platforms and impact and inspire me beyond this article. social media apps.Dennis is a man that speaks, creates, and embodies hisWhenaskedabouttheTikToks,Snapchats,and passions all the way down to his wardrobe and livingQuibis of the world, Dennis occasionally checks them space.Hisbackgroundcontainedphysicalalbumoutforindustryknowledge.Herecognizestheonly vinyls including Shirley Browns Woman to Womanthing that has not changed is innovating and the way (1974) and Betty Davis Is it Love or Desire? (1976),we approach things. In other words, you know what makingyoutakenoteofthedepthofhisinterestsyou know, and Dennis sticks to his gut as it has helped for the arts. Noticeably, Dennis was wearing a Savehim survive, while openly admitting some missteps that Ferris 86 T-shirt, paying respect to an iconic film,have limited his full opportunity to thrive.Ferris Buellers Day Off (1986), and the homage paid by the band: Save Ferris, proving his dedication to his greatest passions: Music & Film.'