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8 Black TikTok Creators To Watch

Our friends at Movers+Shakers have curated a dynamic list of  8 Black TikTok Creators You Need On Your Feed in celebration of Black History Month. Who are you following?

Written by Movers+Shakers


February is Black History Month, a time to celebrate and raise awareness of Black history. We want to commemorate the month by shine a spotlight on black TikTok creators who highlight their culture, inspire others, educate, advocate, and entertain. For some, they have already achieved TikTok stardom, while others  are still on the rise. The type of content these influencers are known for ranges from mental health videos to fashion to even cinematography. As we take the time to highlight these creators, it’s important to understand that this talent represents lived experiences that deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated beyond Black History Month. 


No matter their niche, these creators are working hard to foster unique communities with storytelling that is on all year round. Here’s why you should follow:

Drea Okeke is a Nigerian-American digital content creator, speaker, and host. And with over 6 million TikTok followers, it’s clear she is likable. Well-known for her relatable comedic skits and videos that amplify her Nigerian culture, she has also managed to weave in her passion for making a positive impact. 

Drea is first on this list not because of her gift of creating great content, but also because she’s become an advocate for black creators overall. Her podcast, “Do It 4 The Content” is a valuable source of tips and tricks for making content. On her TikTok account though, you’ll find funny videos along with her viral series of teaching non-Nigerians how to say Nigerian phrases.

Best known as “the world’s favorite mom,” Tabitha Brown is a wholesome source of veganism tips, humor, and motivational pep talks. Her vegan cooking TikTok videos are what kicked off her audience which is now almost at 5 million TikTok followers. 


Come for the vegan cooking, stay for the warmth, positivity, and encouragement to be your authentic self. You can thank us later as her soothing affirmations flip your whole day around, but don’t blame us when you find yourself needing to order her cookbook, her book, her signature spice with McCormick, and her fun merch.

There’s a good chance you’ve seen TikTok star Khaby Lame on your for you page before because of the number of videos he’s had go viral—not to mention the fact that he has over 153 million TikTok followers. Yep, 153 million which surpasses even Charli D’amelio.


When it comes to comedy content, Khaby is King. He is most well known for videos in which he reacts—without saying a word—to some of the weirdest and most unhelpful “life hacks.” For example, in one video we see somebody opening a banana by cutting off each side of the peel with a knife. Cut to Khaby who silently peels a banana and silently presents it to the camera with dumb-founded eyes. 🤦‍♂️

Janell is for our fashion girlies. In a TikTok world where the Copenhagen and Scandi style are dominated by white creators, Janell is advocating that black people can rock the style just as well. You can find all the outfit inspo from this influencer—and more.


When she’s not putting together her next best fit, she’s using social media and podcasting to speak out on mental health. She’s even written her own book of poetry about overcoming depression. Janel will provide your daily dose of relatable anxieties with encouragement for healthy self care, outfit ideas, shopping tips, and aesthetic lifestyle videos. 

Tai gives all the Wisdom Kaye (also known on TikTok as wisdm8) vibes, but with more of a streetwear style versus high fashion. Along with his fits, he provides tips such as good color combos and breakdowns for outfits that can be preppy, workwear, etc. His style is *chef’s kiss*.


More than fashion though, you want to follow Tai for the quality of his content. It’s truly next level and mesmerizing to watch. When watching his tutorials or videos, he adds in plenty of fun transitions and camera work that makes it hard to stop scrolling through his feed. 

Warning: If you’re about to click through to Naveah Autumn’s TikTok feed, make sure the rest of your schedule is clear because you won’t be able to put your phone down. Despite only being 16 years old Navaeh knows how to dance and how to create TikToks. She and her friends have taken over ballroom vogue TikTok and it might just be our favorite corner of TikTok to be in.


Yes, ballroom, as in the post-Civil war era dance style. Navaeh and her friends take classic dance and make it modern—and fun. Taken during lunch breaks or after school, they create content right in the halls of their performing arts high school to your favorite hip-hop music. It’s not your classic viral dance video that creators like Addison Rae and other white creators are known for, it’s much more tied to mixing classic ballroom mixed with dance moves that come from black culture. Navaeh and her squad are who you want to follow (and be best friends with) on this social media platform.


Akintoye is talented as heck. This Canadian-based creator has the gift of storytelling and rapping. Once the pandemic hit, he finally took to TikTok and the rest was history as they say. Most of his videos are filmed in the comfort of his own home at his desk, with no fancy scenes or backgrounds because you don’t need it. He’s worth a follow for his low-key, down-to-earth vibe, rapping, and songwriting talent alone.


Since the lyrics are a big part of the draw, they display across the screen while he raps. They’re unique and often pretty comedic. His stories tend to be based on pop culture and current happenings, ranging from everyday relatable situations to potentially controversial subjects such as anti-vaxxers or black culture. His lyrics are creative and can often make you think about or question important cultural issues. Akintoye does not shy away from heated debates or responding back to rude commenters. 

If you’ve made it to FilmTok, you may have come across Samba Diop. This creator uses TikTok to get creative with his love for culture and cinematography. His feed is filled with beautiful imagery that conveys emotion and messaging.


As the son of Senegalese immigrants, Samba never attended film school. He’s self taught. As a black creator, he is inspired to show other black creators that they can have the same path. After scrolling through his feed, you definitely feel inspired to look at your own life and others through a different lens.


Each one of these creators is unique and special in their own way, teaching us something new. We hope you feel as inspired as we do to celebrate, acknowledge, and provide opportunities for Black TikTok Creators well beyond Black History Month. If you’re looking for even more, we’ve got it. Follow these 7 Black creators redefining TikTok as well as these 5 Black TikTok creators you may not know, but definitely should.


By Movers+Shakers

Movers+Shakers is a creative agency connecting brands to culture and spreading joy.

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